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Better Earth Textile Recycling (BETR) exports your discarded clothing to destinations worldwide where the need for such items is great. Our efforts significantly support local and global economies along the way. By exporting textiles to struggling countries, we generate needed revenue, create green jobs at home and abroad, and help to improve the well-being of people in the United States and around the world. BETR:

  • Significantly reduces a portion of the 21 billion lbs. of textiles being added to America’s landfills each year.
  • Gives you a convenient, simple, eco-friendly option to discard excess clothing, shoes and belts.
  • Provides affordable clothing options to those in need worldwide, while helping to fuel local economies in emerging countries.
  • Works with municipalities, non-profits, schools and religious organizations to help raise needed funds through the eco-friendly option of recycling and re-purposing used clothing.

At Better Earth Textile Recycling (BETR), we’re working to reduce the millions of tons of textiles going into America’s landfills every year by providing you with a convenient method to dispose of gently used clothing, shoes, belts, purses and other textiles. We offer a range of simple and effective textile recycling programs:

1)    Municipality Recycling: When municipalities provide an easy and environmentally friendly drop-off location for unwanted textiles, you not only help the planet, you provide a much-needed, value-added service for area residents. BETR makes it easy for cities and towns to offer textile recycling as an ongoing, year-round service or as periodic events. We’ll work with you to develop a textile recycling program to best meet the needs of your community.Learn More

2)    Community-based Fundraising Events: Holding a clothing drive is an effective, easy way for schools, religious organizations and other non-profits to raise funds. Simply determine when and where you want to host your event, share the information with your supporters, and let us do the rest. BETR will drop off a trailer or collection bins and pick them up promptly at the close of your drive. We’ll weigh the clothing you collect and pay you an agreed upon per pound price. All you have to do after that is cash the check. It’s that simple. Download a step-by-step planning kit for a successful clothing drive. Or, fill out an online application to host a clothing drive.

3)    Charitable Drives for Businesses: Do you want to show your corporate goodwill, engage your employees and raise funds for our charitable partner, the Wisconsin Humane Society? BETR can place collection bins at your location for a time period that best meets your needs. All you have to do is encourage your employees to contribute. We’ll pick up the clothing at the agreed upon time(s) and contribute a portion of the proceeds to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

4)    Who Gives A Shoe?: Shoes are desperately needed around the world. BETR will provide you with shoe collection bins and pick up your shoe donations on the agreed upon date or on a regular basis. We’ll then contribute a portion of the proceeds to our charitable partner, the Wisconsin Humane Society. And we’ll even help you promote the “Who Gives A Shoe?” event to your employees or supporters.

5)    Neighborhood Rummage Sale Pick-up: If your neighborhood is holding a rummage sale, be sure to call BETR at the close of the sale. We’ll pick up the remaining combined clothing, shoes, purses, belts and other textiles, so you can avoid the hassle of disposing of the many items on your own. Learn more.

6)    Church/School Rummage and Estate Sale Pick-up: When churches, schools and estate sale companies have sales, BETR can help make the close of the event much easier for you. We offer prompt and convenient packing and pickup of all remaining clothing, shoes, belts and other textiles. One phone call to BETR will save you the time and bother of dealing with leftover items. Learn more.

7)    Day Care Center Clothing Drive: Host a one-time or ongoing BETR clothing drive at your day care center and you can easily and effortlessly raise funds for your business. Just decide when to hold an event or where to put your permanent collection box, share the info with parents and others who visit your center, and BETR does the rest. All you do is cash the check.  Learn more.

To learn more about our programs or to tailor a BETR event to meet your unique needs, call 414-716-5755 or email us today.

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